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GAZEBO is a production of the MetaGeek Foundation and Gibberish.

Zine critics on the print edition:

"Instead of making a big joke out of it, [GAZEBO] deftly captures the obsessed realm of fandom and what fuels it."

- Factsheet 5

"...a definite change of pace, and enjoyable to boot... on the whole this GAZEBO is a fine place to be."

- Zine World

latest features:
Live From A Few Other Worlds: MiSuBa Draws DunDraCon 99
7/18/99 - Author: Mike Sugarbaker

What Is A Geek?
7/5/98 - Author: Mike Sugarbaker

from the print edition:
Listening To Magic
Author: Mike Sugarbaker

The Bare Facts of Life
Author: A.U.B.I.E.

Bad Karma In Western Kentucky
Author: Ed Hamilton

Choose Your Own Messy Demise
Author: Mike Sugarbaker

Meditations For People Who Buy Too Many Gimmicky Little Books
Author: Mike Sugarbaker

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