Fortunately, great minds think alike

Ace British tech Matt Webb and former Game Neverending developer Ben Cerveny may have just saved me a great deal of work:

playsh is a MOO-like text environment that runs on your local computer. The basic object types and verbs are based on LambdaMOO. It’s organised geographically, so you can walk north and south and so on. You have a player, so you can take and drop items. You can create new things and dig to new rooms, and there are verbs attached to all of these. There are ssh interfaces so you can connect to playsh from other computers, and other folks can connect to your playsh instance from their own.


I wanted to build on a couple of things that our brain does really well – geography and narrative – that are sidelined in our current “direct manipulation” paradigm (distance and locality are really powerful metaphors to build representations of knowledge and social structure on. Note that people have PhDs in geography, but not in picking shit up). I wanted something that was social from the ground up, as much as View Source is part of the browser, but also let people see the world in their own way, and experiment and share these different ways. MOOs fit the bill in so many ways.